Our Team

Blue Cable employees have been with us for many years and are highly trained and skilled. Our broadband integration engineers and technicians have extensive operational expertise and intimate hardware knowledge on products from leader manufacturers. Our professional team understands broadband communications, network design and drafting, and is well-versed in radio frequency networks. The constant focus on performance and the aspiration for excellence put us apart from our competitors and has helped us gain constant work from our clients.


Pablo Escalante
Founder and President

Pablo Escalante is the President of Blue Cable Inc., with 30 years of experience in building Cable TV systems and telecomunitions networks. Pablo Escalante has experienced the evolution of Cable Television working for various operators from the early days of analog TV to the first digital headends and to what is now a very sophisticated array of digital products and services. Pablo has served several years as a Board Director for the SCTE and is well known by industry leaders and manufacturers.

Helinda Nazari
Business Manager

Helinda offers more than 15 years in the cable industry as operations/financial analyst. Her current responsibilities as Business Manager of Blue Cable, Inc. include analyzing and executing the financial aspects of the company, including budgeting, forecasting and year-end accounting. She holds a BA in Management, Finance and earned her Accounting certificate with distinction from UCLA.

Luis Rodriguez
Senior Project Manager

Luis has over 29 years of Cable TV experience, starting with installation, technical service, plant maintenance, technical training, safety and technical operations management. With so many years of involvement in the telecommunications industry, Luis has acquired a very generous set of skills which have been instrumental to the success of our company’s endeavors. Training and safety are two of the most important aspects of our business; Luis has created exceptional programs in both areas to ensure our team of technicians is prepared to provide quality services in a safe and sound manner.

Scott Schiffbauer
Technical Operations Manager

Scott offers more than 30 years of experience in the CATV industry. His portfolio runs the gamut from plant design to custom installation of broadband infrastructure, including seven system rebuilds. Prior to his position at Blue Cable, Scott worked for several contracting firms in the US and abroad. His experience includes 10 years as a project manager overseeing some of the nation’s largest multiple systems operators. Scott was responsible for the rebuilding of the first 1GHz system on the West Coast for Charter Communications; he designed the project and developed the specifications with which the system was constructed. Throughout his career, Scott has had opportunity to work with some of the latest technologies in the industry. His extensive experience, along with his ability to adapt to any situation, has enabled Blue Cable to engage in a variety of projects with a high degree of success.